Nemesis - Pinnacle

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Flight Numbers – Speed: 10, Glide: 6, Turn: -4, Fade: 2

Nemesis – The Nemesis is a great long distance turnover driver with it’s Speed, Glide, and Fade. The Glide of 6 on this disc definitely holds true, from our testing. The Nemesis likes to hold that Turn and Glide for quite a while. I often compliment the Nemesis on how well it does this without being crazy flippy off the hand when thrown with a lot of snap. If you are looking for a disc to fly a long way while holding the anhyzer angle, check out a Nemesis!! The 10 Speed rim (2.0cm rim width) has a very comfortable feel in the hand for those who don’t like the super wide rims.

New Blend Pinnacle – This plastic feels great! Nice, stiffer feeling plastic and a pretty flat flight plate. Personally, my favorite Legacy plastic out there.