Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever

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Unless you're playing disc golf professionally, there are very few disc golf products that pay for themselves over time. As even pro players know, not every shot makes it into the basket. Depending upon where you are on the course, your disc could end up in a tree, in a wooded area, or somewhere in the water. Sometimes, these stray discs are easy to see. At others, it's completely submerged and unreachable.

After you recover two discs with the Golden Retriever, it has paid for itself, and it continues to provide more value over time! The Golden Retriever's patented design is compact, collapsible, lightweight, and durable. It shines at recovering discs when you can see them, but it's even more effective than other retrievers at fetching discs when they're underwater and out of sight.

To use the Golden Retriever, unwind the string, anchor the end of the string to your wrist or a tree, and toss it into the water. When the lower bar slides under a disc, the Golden Retriever's design will grab the disc and retain it back to land. When you're done, simply wrap the string back around the Golden Retriever, throw it back in your bag, and rejoice about the recovery of your fallen soldier!