TeeBird3 - MF Champion

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Champion Teebird3 – One of the better throwing fairway drivers to come from Innova in recent years, in our opinion. Just a tick faster than the Teebird, the Teebird3 brings a little extra distance to the long standing Teebird reign of Fairway driver dominance. A staple in the bag of Ricky Wysocki, these Teebird3s can be trusted on a myriad of lines for great shot shaping. The Champion Teebird3 has a pretty flat feel generally but it does have some variation.

Innova says this about the disc: “The TeeBird3 represents the evolution of the TeeBird. Many people have described a lot of discs as a “faster TeeBird”, but this is the real deal. The flat flight plate promotes speed while reducing glide, effectively producing consistent, accurate flights. This is a point and shoot, target specific fairway driver.”

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Flight Numbers – Speed: 8, Glide: 4, Turn: 0, Fade: 2