Nuke - Z Metallic (Ezra Aderhold Tour Series)

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Ezra Aderhold Nuke – Ezra is one of the furthest throwing guys on Tour and he exploded onto the scene. This offseason he signed with Discraft and this is his first Tour Series disc. The Ezra Aderhold Nuke is one of the furthest flying discs on the market and the new Metallic Z plastic feels amazing in the hand. The Nuke is a fast disc(13 speed) that really loves to push forward the whole flight. This is the perfect disc for big arms that are searching for a little bit more distance. These are some the best feeling discs around, plus Ezra is the man!!! He is one of the best young players in the sport and is a social media star. While you may not throw as far as Ezra you can be just like him while supporting him at the same time with his Metallic Z Nuke. Grab an Ezra Aderhold Nuke today!!

Discraft says this about the mold: “Longer drives are now as easy as pushing a button: NUKE™ delivers virtually effortless maximum distance for moderate to expert players. The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give NUKE unparalleled velocity, while a 1.6 stability rating makes it more useful to a wider range of players. Seize the power!”

Flight Numbers – Speed: 13 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 3